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Buckwheat flour pancakes

Buckwheat pancakes wrapped around a quartered banana. Of late this has been my typical weekend breakfast. Ingredients 10 ounces of whole milk           (1 1/4 cups or 270 ml) 4 ounces of buckwheat flour    ( 3/4 cup or … Continue reading

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Khalal dates

Khalal dates   Dates are a traditional food of the Arab world and also happen to be a favorite food of mine. Fresh dates, known in traditional date growing areas as Khalal dates, are picked and sold at an earlier stage of ripeness than the Deglet … Continue reading

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Sweet chestnut trees (Castanea sativa) flourish in Southern Europe and their chestnuts have long formed a part of the diet of the rural peoples. Castagnaccio is a chestnut flour cake found in the northern regions of Italy. Traditionally made in the autumn … Continue reading

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Heather Honeycomb

Honeycomb from The London Honey Company. Gathered by the bees from flowers of the heather the resulting honey has a dark amber color and unique floral taste. This is probably the best honeycomb I have yet tasted. Honeycomb like this represents honey … Continue reading

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