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Razor shells

Razor shells fresh from the fishmonger. Razor shells, also known as razor clams, are bivalves that are commonly found around the coasts of the British Isles. While common they are by all accounts not easy to catch as when sensing … Continue reading

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Carrageen Seaweed Pudding

Carrageen seaweed pudding with raspberries. Following on from the previous post on seaweed eating in Aberdeen this is another quote from a later passage in the same article of the 8th November 1856 edition of Household Words. “The common plants which … Continue reading

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Forgotten foods: Seaweed eating in Aberdeen

The Dulse Gatherers by W. H Bartlett Seaweeds have been used as a source of nourishment for millennia by coastal peoples around the world. The culinary uses of seaweed as best known in Britain now from cuisines of the East … Continue reading

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Elderberry Liqueur

Freshly washed elderberries and vodka ready for infusing. The elderberries are abundant on the trees around Aberdeen this autumn and I have been looking for something interesting to do with them. Traditionally they can make rather a nice wine but sadly … Continue reading

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Honey lovin’ hominins

I have a personal interest in the eating of honey and the diets of our ancient ancestors. Therefore, I was particularly interested to read a recent paper in the journal Food and Foodways. Here Alyssa Crittenden, a behavioural ecologist and nutritional … Continue reading

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Rowan and crab apple jelly

Finished rowan and crab apple jelly It is autumn in northeast Scotland and the fruit on Rowan trees in the hedgerows around Aberdeen have been particularly abundant this year, the red berries being particularly noticeable as the leaves gradually turn … Continue reading

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