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Experimental mead making: Wild fermentations

I have wanted to try brewing something for sometime, and as both mead and honey are particular interests of mine, mead seemed the obvious thing to try for myself. However, the usual methods employed to brew mead at home require at … Continue reading

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Honeyguides, fire, and human evolution.

Male Greater Honeyguide (Indicator Indicator). The control and use of fire is one of the quintessential features of our species out of all the others currently existing on the planet. Exactly when our ancestors learnt to control fire is a … Continue reading

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Organic Forest Honey

The first certified organic and fair traded honey in the world, this originates from the remote Miombo forests of North-Western Zambia. Supplied by Tropical Forest the honey itself is collected by small-scale village beekeepers. They construct traditional bark hives that … Continue reading

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Cranachan is a classic Scottish dessert traditionally eaten in the late summer and autumn months in celebration of the year’s harvest. Its flavours of oatmeal, heather honey, and whiskey combined with soft fruits and cream makes this a thoroughly Scottish dessert. In her … Continue reading

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