One week of food: Part 2. Friday – Sunday.

<<<For the first post of this weeks food see here.

The weekend usually involves more cooking for me and it is when I do my main shopping. This includes a visit to the supermarket, which is some walk away, and also stopping into my local butchers and fishmongers to stock up on food for the week.



Breakfast consisted of porridge made from pinhead oats (steel cut) cooked with water and with honey and clotted cream on top. This was accompanied by a black coffee.


Lunch at work of two bowels of oxtail, barley, and vegetable stew along with a punnet of cherries and a black coffee.


Dinner: Beer and more of the same stew.


Dessert: Clotted cream and cherries with some honey on top.



Breakfast: Pinhead oatmeal porridge cooked in the pressure cooker topped with cherries and pecans with some honey on top.


Lunch: Caprese salad with some fresh tomatoes and mozzarella bought that morning on my weekly shopping trip to the big supermarket.


Evening snack: A mince and mealie pie (ground beef and oatmeal pie) bought from my local butchers in the morning.


Dinner: Fresh herring coated in oatmeal and marsh samphire from my local fishmonger with beetroot, onions, mushrooms, dulse, potatoes, and kale.




Brunch: Grilled kipper (cold smoked whole herring), marsh samphire, a fried duck egg, and left-over onion, mushroom, and dulse from the night before. This was followed by a some Scottish raspberries.


Afternoon snack: Half a packet of pecans and a punnet of cherries.


Dinner: Beef liver and poached duck eggs from my local butcher, with onion, mushroom, and leek with some mashed potato and butter.


Dessert was a white grapefruit.


So there we have a week of my food shaped by both my tastes, available time and seasonal food (a lot of cherries), and my personal choices regarding health and nutrition.

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