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Whisky polyphenols and their potential health effects

Scapa, one of my current Scottish whiskies Scottish malt whisky, unlike other beverages such as red wine, tea or coffee, has received little attention with regards to its phenolic plant phytochemicals. In the production of malt whisky the pure distilled … Continue reading

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Experimental mead making: Wild fermentations

I have wanted to try brewing something for sometime, and as both mead and honey are particular interests of mine, mead seemed the obvious thing to try for myself. However, the usual methods employed to brew mead at home require at … Continue reading

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Himalayan Rock Salt

Photo credit: julajp. A relatively recent addition to our British shops, and once restricted to health food shops, it now seems that pink Himalayan salt can be found almost everywhere even appearing in major supermarkets. A quick browse of the … Continue reading

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Eating DNA: Dietary Nucleotides in Nutrition

Nucleotides are biological molecules that are essential to almost all biological processes in the human body. Probably best known as the components that make up DNA and RNA they are also involved in many other cellular functions. With such essential roles, … Continue reading

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Caboc and Crowdie: Traditional cheeses of Scotland

Originating in the Western highlands Caboc is one of Scotlands oldest cheeses. Dating back to the 15th Century it was known as a chieftain’s cheese, due to its rich double cream ingredients and high fat content. Reputedly the recipe originates … Continue reading

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Baked lamb breast dinner and brunch

Leftovers for brunch. Sliced lamb breast, fried eggs with vegetable and mashed potato cakes. Cheap, tough and fatty, lamb breast may not appear at first glance to be the most desirable joints of meat but after a long slow bake in the oven … Continue reading

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Honeyguides, fire, and human evolution.

Male Greater Honeyguide (Indicator Indicator). The control and use of fire is one of the quintessential features of our species out of all the others currently existing on the planet. Exactly when our ancestors learnt to control fire is a … Continue reading

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